USA Plug charger with two Tenergy 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries

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Product Overview

Universal Rechargeable Option for flashlights supporting 18650 cells, including XeLED-Cr1BL-450-R6, XeLED-Ni1UV-R3, XeLED-Ni1UV-R6-365, etc.

Small universal smart Li-Ion charger, 100-250VAC. Kit includes two high quality Tenergy cells -- one for use while one is charging!

Charger is dual-channel, for accurate cell charging -- ie: one cell may be more discharged than the other, and each will cut off appropriately after charging.

We are currently shipping high quality protected Tenergy 2600mAh Li-Ion batteries.

Charging current is 1A * 2.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review