Seven-emitter high-flux selectable 365nm UV / 450nm Blue / Neutral White crime scene flashlight kit

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Product Overview

New!  Three mode ALS flashlight: Three high flux Nichia UV emitters at 365nm plus three high flux Cree emitters at 455nm for crime scene or forensic work, plus a neutral white mode.  Features a quartz diffusing element for pleasingly smooth beam with no rings, hotspots, or distracting artifacts.

This model produces more than 3X the intensity of our Cr1BL flashlight when on blue mode.

This new model incorporates an LED mode indicator and side-port charging so that batteries can stay in the flashlight during charging.

This high flux 365nm/450nm/white "Crime Scene Edition" alternate light source light REPLACES OUR CSE LANTERN in intensity and versatility!

At 2' working distance, the beam diameter is about 1' across, and smooth thanks to our diffusing quartz front element.

Kit includes custom case, yellow U50 viewing glasses for UV, orange U60 viewing glasses for blue, 4x18650 cells, and lithium-ion smart battery charger (universal input, USA plug).

XeLED-Cr7UV-MR8-CSE-K Crime Scene flashlight product datasheet

Does your application require a different wavelength?  Contact us for more information -- this unit is available with green (525nm), red (625nm), deep red (655nm), and/or IR wavelengths (850nm).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review