Pocket high-flux forensic 365nm Alternate Light Source kit

Crime Scene Tools

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Product Overview

New R6 version: This item replaces our R5 version 365nm flashlight: 1450mW UV output from the latest Nichia UV emitter -- previous R5 version was 780mW!  This light produces a little over 1000uW/cm2 at 15" of output with a smooth diffuse beam, now with higher transmittance quartz diffusing front lens element (compared to glass used in the R5).

Powered by 2xCR123A cells (included) also operates with 1x18650 rechargeable LiIon cell, as do many of our other flashlights.

Tailcap switch, o-ring sealed, quartz lens, latest Nichia 365nm emitter. 

Kit includes 2xCR123A batteries, U10 clear viewing glasses, and case.   U10 viewing glasses have a sharp cutoff at 400nm, and are made in USA.

Compared to the discontinued 8-LED flashlight and R5 models, wavelength is the same (365nm) and spectral width is the same (10nm FWHM) -  Intensity and beam width have been improved.

XeLED-Ni1UV-R6 datasheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review