Paper-marking Permanent Invisible Inks

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Product Overview

Invisible Permanent Ink for marking paper products.

Our Xe-IFPAP invisible ink is specially made for porous substrates such as paper, cardboard, cloth, etc. Common uses are document protection and authentication, ownership, invisible markings, dual-purpose documents, arts and crafts, document tracking, product control, and quality control of porous materials. These inks do not leave a film but can cause a visible mark depending on the type of material it is being applied. Always check a small amount to make sure you get the desired result.

These inks appears clear except under a longwave UV blacklight. Used to Mark Paper or Porous Surfaces.  These porous surface marking Ink dries very quickly. Used primarily to invisibly mark paper products such as important documents, cardboard, textiles, money, clothes, etc.

The Black ink absorbs UV, so will stand out when marked on otherwise-fluorescing paper labels etc.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review