Metal/Plastic Invisible Permanent Marking Inks

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Product Overview

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Metal/Plastic Invisible Permanent Marking Inks A thicker ink (like nail varnish) that will mark just about any surface.  Note: The green and yellow IF2 inks are thicker than the red and blue color ink.

Some of these inks are water clear, very strong under black light and are made with relatively strong solvents (can be thinned with acetone for use in stamp pads).

The coating itself that is produced by the ink is absolutely invisible (blue/black/red) or nearly invisible (yellow/green) due to its ultra thin film. You can use these products for marking tools, metal objects, computer boards, just about anything. Applications such as quality control, process control, ownership, tagging, assembly control, and product proof. 

Please note that you should mark a small area first to test desired result.

Very durable marking ink for Plastic, Metal or Paper that appears Clear, Except under a Black Light. This Product Produces a Coating that is Wear Resistant and Adheres to just about Any Surface. Risk Reactor's All Purpose Marking Ink is Used in Product Identification, Ownership, Quality Control, and other Applications where you Need to Invisibly Mark a Surface for Later Identification under UV.

Marking glass is possible, and the film will remain on the glass even after a number of vigerous cleanings with glass cleaner products like Rain-X glass cleaner towels.

The Black ink absorbs UV, so will stand out when marked on otherwise-fluorescing paper labels etc.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review