Invisible ink pen

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Product Overview

Invisible Ink Ultraviolet (UV) Security Pen. Fine nib, pocket clip. Lights up bright under longwave UV!

Black Light UV Pen Product Description:
Our invisible Blue all-purpose UV pen can be used for marking almost any type of substrate with an invisible, permanent, highly fluorescent (UV) tag for identification and tracing. The pen can be used in conjunction with our 365nm flashlights or overhead fixtures.
Benefits of Crime Scene Tools Clear Blue Invisible UV Marking Pens:
⦁ Great for industrial and retail security measures!
⦁ Adheres to just about any material!
⦁ Goes on clear on almost all substrates!
⦁ For home and office use!
⦁ Won't damage or deface property!
⦁ Long lasting!
⦁ Invisible ink can be viewed by Police, Detectives, and Pawn Shops to you get your property back!
⦁ Fluoresces a bright blue or yellow under long wave black light!
⦁ Easy to use, just use like a regular pen!
⦁ Safe and non-toxic!
⦁ Use with our battery operated black lights to check the ID out in the field!
⦁ Can make a thousand marks!
Used In:
Security markings, proof of owner ship, quality control, industrial processes, document protection, retail proof of purchase, anti-counterfeiting and any situation where you need to mark an item invisibly for future identification.
How to Use:
This product can be used on just about any surface. You should mark a small portion to ensure you will get the results desired. Some surfaces and surface colors are not as good as others. Risk Reactor can invisible mark any surface so please inquire if you are not getting the desired results. Use a long wave black light to view the mark such as one of Risk Reactor's portable and/or plug in types.
For ownership of personal property mark each item with a unique number such as your driver's license etc. This will allow police to verify the owner ship of the stolen item.
In retail, use the pen to mark receipts and purchased items with the persons driver's license number, date of purchase, store number, model number of item purchased, etc. to ensure if the item is returned that they indeed bought it at your store. Keep most employees away from the knowledge of this system in case they are part of the scam. The fewer people know about it the better. Use our portable black lights for extra hidden security.
In manufacturing situations, use the pen to mark areas of the product that needs rework or other mechanism in the process without damaging the part. Use a long wave black light to view the mark and make corrective action.
To protect documents from fraud, you can use the pen to sign, date, or otherwise securely and invisibly mark the document. Use a long wave black light to prove that the document is original and not photocopied or otherwise altered.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review