High flux 365nm UV inspection flashlight for NDT

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Product Overview

Six new Nichia emitters at true 365nm, plus a white mode.  This NDT model supports white/low/high modes.


Output intensity on LOW is ~1500uW/cm2 at 15"

Output intensity on HIGH is ~3000uW/cm2 at 15"

Runtime on "high" is about 5-1/2 hours.


Yes! Diffuse quartz front element produces a pleasing smooth beam, not a hard-edged narrow "tactical" reflector type. 

Batteries stay in flashlight during charging - there is a charging port and a 2A charger is supplied.

At 5', the beam diameter is about 1' across, making this flashlight great for inspection applications.

Kit includes custom case and viewing glasses, 4x18650 cells, and battery charger (universal input, USA plug)


Datasheet: XeLED-Ni6UV-MR8-365-HLW product datasheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review