CST-660 Deep Red 660nm light therapy flashlight

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Product Overview

New!  Updated latest Cree deep red (aka photo red) emitter, and diffuse quartz front element for beautiful smooth beam!

Powerful Light Therapy flashlight, one special high flux 660nm deep red emitter. Black rugged aluminum, with a rubber tailcap click on/off switch, and a wrist strap. This is unique (other red flashlights are 620nm, not 660nm).

Disclaimer: Xenopus Electronix (Crime Scene Tools) makes no claims about the healing properties of this flashlight.  This is not a medical instrument.

Apparently 600-700nm radiation stimulates collagen production in the dermis layes of the skin. Apparently longer wavelengths between 650-700nm get faster and better results. Those using 620-660nm light sources include:

  • Healthcare (for transillumination)        
  • Healing professionals        
  • Dermatologists        
  • Acupuncture professionals        
  • Cosmeticians        
  • Alternative medicine practitioners  
  • Declining Eyesight improved by deep red flashlight UCL study here

DATASHEET (soon) --

Uses two CR123A lithium batteries (included), also supports 1x18650 Li-Ion rechargeable cell (not included)

Do not look directly at beam. Keep out of reach of children.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review