BloodTracker blood tracking flashlight for hunters and bowhunters

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Product Overview

PATENTED! No filters needed -- our experience with Crime Scene lights allows us to choose exactly the right high-flux emitters for this job. More than 15 feet? You bet -- there's 18 Watts of LED power in there! Regulated output ensures consistent performance through charge of battery.

Three flashlights in one: A White LED flashlight for general use, a low power Red LED flashlight for preserving your night vision, and a BloodTracker flashlight to help you follow the blood trail left by that wounded animal!  If you need a green LED flashlight also, let us know (we can program that mode to order).

New improved more powerful version!

How does it work? Select through modes by clicking the pushbutton switch. The BloodTracker mode uses the green LEDs in conjunction with flashing red LEDs - the blood will appear to flash back at you, since ground cover will tend to absorb red wavelengths and fresh blood will reflect it strongly!

One customer brought our [previous version] light into the field 27 hours after shooting and wounding a hog, even after a light rain. They found their hog!

What's new in this version? 7-new-technology emitters, wider beam but still a good throw, and rechargeable batteries (operates on 2 or 4 batteries, but fits four for extended runtime if needed). Two protected 18650-size cells and a charger are included.

XeLED-Cr7BT-K BloodTracker kit. 18W (plus white) flashlight kit includes flashlight, 4x18650 rechargeable cells, and 2A smart battery charger.  The diffuser in this product is not adhered to the lens, and can (carefully) be removed by the customer should they want increased functional distance at the expense of beam blending.

XeLED-Cr7BT BloodTracker product datasheet

Technical note: This is not a UV product. Blood does not fluoresce under UV (unless separated into plasma). Blood looks black under Blue, Near-UV, and UV. Blood absorbs Blue, Near-UV, and UV. This product relies on the reflecting properties of blood. We make Crime Scene lights with 455nm, 405nm, or UV for detection by absorption if required. Viewing glasses are NOT required for use with the BloodTracker flashlight.

 Item # XeLED-Cr7BT-MR8-K


"I’m so absolutely tickled with that flashlight...
      on the grass and found every drop [of blood] in
      no time at all." -- Steve, IL
      "I could see more blood as far away as 40-50 feet(*) then go on tracking some more... the best thing ever..."[in complete darkness]

(*) Customer removed diffuser to increase beam throw, with default diffuser beam throw is wider and about half that distance

      "I thought the light worked really well." -- Tim, NY

      "I bought one BloodTracking light before, and it is really good --  so I get one more for my pal!" -- Rex, HK

      "I was simply amazed!! " -- Paul, Vortex Optics


(No reviews yet) Write a Review