365nm NDT inspection headlamp kit

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Product Overview

Using the same highest quality Nichia emitter and UV-transmitting silicone Ledil lens as our NDT flashlights, this headlamp now features 2x18650 cells on the rear of the strap (rather than in a belt-worn battery compartment).

In addition, the MR6 model now features high/low/off modes. The low mode is 50% duty cycle and has been requested by customers working in confined spaces at close distances (pipelines, etc).  Battery life is excellent (6+ hours) in normal (high) mode.


  • USA-company regulator IC ensures consistent output.
  • USA-company microcontroller operation for modes.
  • USA-company made PCB.
  • Nichia 365nm emitter.
  • Ledil silicone lens.
  • >4000uW/cm2 at 15"
  • Tenergy 18650 Li-ion cells (2 included, operation supported via 1 or 2 cells).
  • Charging port (Li-ion smart charger included).
  • Adjustable headband.

Sure, other brands have 12,000uW/cm2 at 15", but with a spot less than 2", which may not be practical.  Ours has a beautiful smooth spot beam which is nearly 6" across.

Batteries can be charged in the headlamp, with the included side-port charger.  The small charger is rated for 500mA charging current, vs. the external charger that is 2x1000mA charging current, so the external charger is approximately 4x faster.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review